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In today’s competitive economic climate, efficiency and quality are crucial to the success of any business. Knowledge and experience of automation engineering allows automated processes companies to design and manage a project according to your requirements.

Automated processes companiessuch as AutoCAD – 2D and 3D CAD Design and Documentation Softwarehave a broad range of skills and tools at our disposal to allow us to achieve your objectives.

AutoCAD design and planning
Machinery removal / installation / commissioning
Project management

Some of the mechanical skills that can be offered are listed below

  • Autocad Drawing
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Fabrication
  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics


Listed below are just a few of the electrical services that can be provided:

  • Design of electrical systems
  • Panel Building
  • Safety systems – light guards, solenoid door locks
  • Profibus and ASI networks
  • Quality Control/product monitoring - Camera  systems, Barcode readers and sensors


There is a common protest when there is a suggestion that a company hire companies offering automated solutions. It is an understandable reaction. Information Technology departments are a significant investment, and it is sometimes difficult to understand why companies might need such a service as well.

CEE Websites

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  • Air Conditioning UK | 1 for Installation, Maintenance and Hire of Air Conditioning


Please note that this website is not associated in any way with DACS Electrical Limited or any other DACS company. 


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